Corporate Social Responsibility - Why do it?

New recruits to a business are looking for more than financial remuneration.  Many want to be associated with organisations that are seen to be socially responsible.  When speaking about the company for which they work, they want to feel a sense of pride.  Consequently, a solid CSR programme can help in attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Corporate reputation provides a powerful competitive edge when tendering for lucrative contracts.  In fact, many potential clients who operate their own CSR programmes want to see that their suppliers are pursuing similar aims  

Brand awareness is particularly important when dealing with customers.  A comprehensive CSR programme attracts the best form of media advertising, much of which comes free of charge.


Staff Motivation, Retention and Attendance

LeapCR asked over 1,000 staff in the UK how they felt about CSR. And it turns out they're extremely pro.   Three-quarters said they want their employer 'to balance commercial success with good CSR strategies, including supporting charities'.

Nearly two-thirds said that giving staff paid time off to do charitable work would boost engagement (Generation Y staff were particularly positive). And almost half said they were more likely to stay with an employer that encouraged its staff to donate time or money to charity during working hours.


Competitive Edge

CSR is a fast-developing and increasingly competitive field.  Its importance continues to grow, while increasing numbers of companies are taking it on board and developing prowess. If the issue follows the same pattern as did the environment a few years earlier (and it seems to have done so far), the public will become more discriminating, less willing to take general claims on trust, and more keen to see specific  action.

If companies are to maintain their standing and stake out leadership in the future, they will increasingly need to do even more (and be seen to do it).  

Mori, December 1998


 Local Connections

“Being connected at a local level with the cornerstones of the community - the schools and the school children – is a very simple, powerful way to get your organization deeply rooted within the community.  To have a successful high street, you need a successful back street.”

Ken McMeikan, Chief Executive of Greggs


Strong Link between CSR and Business Success

Research by Kenexa, a human resources consultancy, having surveyed more than 10,000 companies around the world, stated that it had;    

 “… found a strong link between high levels of corporate social responsibility and business   success.  Staff engagement, customer service and even financial performance were better at companies where employees reported the business had a genuine commitment to communities.”

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